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MS-WS W680 D4

  • Updatetime:2022-11-29 17:32:19
  • Software introduction:BIOS/drivers/manual
  • Download:     
      BIOS Update Download
    BIOS version Date Info Name Add.1 Add.2
    H4.1G 10/27/2022 1. Support Intel 13th processor. MSWSW680D441.rar DOWN DOWN
    H3.41G 05/09/2022 1. The original version. MSWSW680D434.rar DOWN DOWN

     Drivers Download
    Type Description Add.1 Add.2
    Chipset for Win10/11-64 DOWN DOWN
    Graphics for Win10/11-64 DOWN DOWN
    ME for Win10/11-64 DOWN DOWN
    sound card for Win10/11-64(ALC897) DOWN DOWN
    LAN for Win10/11-64(8125B/8125BH) DOWN DOWN
    IO for Win10/11-64 DOWN DOWN
    RST for Win10/11-64 DOWN DOWN
    ITNEL RAID for Win10/11-64 DOWN DOWN

     Download related operating instructions
    MS manual Manual Add.1 Add.2


    MS- WS W680 D4 Simple instruction  DOWN  DOWN
    Memory support list DDR4Memory support list(Update at any time) DOWN DOWN
    CPU support list List of processor support for this model motherboard
    (Update at any time)