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Maxsun Graphics Card Warranty Regulations

 Dear Users, 
  Thank you for your care and use of MAXSUN products, you encounter any questions in the process of using MAXSUN products, please call the local technical support center of MAXSUN technology, or call (400-696-0606) to enjoy the after-sales service of the product. MAXSUN in accordance with the national quality supervision and inspection " Three Guarantees policy" service related responsibility provisions, the implementation of strict warranty terms, to provide users with better after-sales service, detailed regulations see below.:
  First : three-year free warranty service 
  Within three years after sale (the specified model), if there are any quality problems listed in the "Microcomputer Commodity Performance Failure Table" in your normal use of the product, and the product falls within the normal warranty scope, the final seller shall provide you with the corresponding service according to the relevant provisions of the "Three Guarantees policy". If the damaged component of the product has been discontinued and the corresponding component cannot be found in the market, the Business Department will negotiate with you. 
  The three-year free warranty is limited to MAXSUN GeForce GTX/RTX iCraft series graphics cards, GeForce GTX/RTX Terminator series graphics cards, GeForce GTX/RTX BigMac series, and GeForce GTX/RTX Transformer series. Esports series graphics cards (except for mining). 
  If the above graphics card is used for mining, due to its special use, the warranty period is 90 days, and during this period only positive maintenance, no longer replace, our company retains the right to identify mining graphics card, details refer to "MAXSUN display card for mining product series after-sales service policy" 
Second : Not within the warranty service 
  Under the following circumstances, the "Three guarantees policy" service cannot be provided; 
  1. Trouble-free video card; 
  2. Video card out of warranty period; 
  3. Modify the BIOS graphics card without permission; 
  4. There are such as graphics card components, plug-ins lack of PCB board deformation, line serious scratches, oxidation rust, main components burned and other physical damage of the graphics card; 
  5. No product "barcode" or "barcode" has been altered, deleted, lost, moved or cannot be identified by the Vivian display card; 
  6. Graphics card damage due to human negligence or wrong use or force majeure, such as flooding, fire, lightning and other mechanical damage; Graphics card damage caused by not using according to the instructions; 
  7. The graphics card is damaged due to improper packing or transportation during the process of sending the faulty part for repair; 
  8. Any unrecoverable video card caused by your or a third party's unauthorized attempts to disassemble or replace component components (such as heat sink, etc.); 
  1. Three-year free warranty is limited to MAXSUN  GeForce GTX/RTX iCraft series graphics cards, GeForce GTX/RTX Terminator series graphics cards, GeForce GTX/RTX BigMac series, and GeForce GTX/RTX Transformer series, esports series graphics cards (except for mining). 
  2. For matters not covered, please refer to the national "Three guarantees policy". 
  3. The company reserves the right to identify the reasons for the failure of MAXSUN graphics card and the final interpretation of the above terms.