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  • Updatetime:2023-08-09 08:52:38
  • Software introduction:BIOS/drivers/manual
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     BIOS Update Download
    BIOS version Date Info Name Add.1 Add.2
    B2.0G 07/19/2023 1.Upgrade to the latest Mircode;
    2.Update ME version to;
    3.Upgrade the 1.0G network card Legacy PXE V2.69 to UEFI PXE 2.061;
    4.The "Command Voltage Centering" and "Late Command Training" options are enabled by default;
    5.Native Aspm defaults to Auto, Aspm Support is Disabled, and the PCIE option is enabled;
    MSTZZH610M20.zip DOWN DOWN
    B1.9G 06/14/2023 1.Enable EUP by default;
    2.Optimize the motherboard's power on and screen on time (requires updating the BIOS under the shell to take effect);
    3.Change State After G3 to S5 State;
    4.Optimize display compatibility performance;
    5.Import optimized memory performance compatible code;
    6.When paired with the Intel ARC 750 graphics card, the Resizabar function is enabled by default;
    7.Close the Command Voltage Centering and Late Command Training memory initialization parameters;
    8.Change the prompt for quick start to 'Del: Bios Setup F11: Fast Boot Menu';
    MSTZZH610M19.zip DOWN DOWN
    B1.8G 04/19/2023 1.Upgrade Realtek PXE version to 2.67;
    2.Add EZ UPDATE support;
    3.Solve the problem of not displaying the probability under high brush display setup;
    4. Resolve the pop up exception when pressing the Enter key to modify options in the Intel graphics card BIOS;
    MSTZZH610M18.zip DOWN DOWN
    B1.7G 02/23/2023 1.Exception after optimizing individual memory CLR_CMOS.
    2.Optimize memory XMP performance.
    3.Update the CORE of the latest BIOS on the mainboard.
    MSTZZH610M17.rar DOWN DOWN
    B1.6G 11/18/2022 1. The original version.
    2. Support Intel 13th processor.
    3. Support the breathing function of sleep power light.
    MSTZZH610M16.rar DOWN DOWN
    B1.4G 02/24/2022 1.Basic version。 MSTZZH610M14.rar  DOWN  DOWN

      Drivers Download


    Description  Add.1  Add.2
    Chipset for Win10/11-64 Intel Chipset_10.1.19199.8340 DOWN
    Graphics for Win10/11-64 Intel VGA_31.0.101.3302 DOWN DOWN
    ME for Win10/11-64 Intel_ME_600_2215.16.0.2791 DOWN DOWN
    Audio for Win10/11-64 Realtek_ALC897_6.0.9239.1 DOWN DOWN
    Win10 LAN for Realtek_LAN_Win10-64 DOWN DOWN
    Win11 LAN for Realtek_LAN_Win11-64 DOWN DOWN
    Serial IO for Win10/11-64 Intel_SerialIO_600_30.100.2131.26 DOWN DOWN
    GNA for Win10/11-64 Intel_GNA_3.00.00.1457 DOWN DOWN

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    Maxsun Intel series motherboard manual



    Memory support list DDR4Memory support list(Update at any time) DOWN DOWN
    CPU support list List of processor support for this model motherboard
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