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MS-Terminator B550M 2.5G

  • Updatetime:2024-04-11 17:08:11
  • Software introduction:    BIOS/drivers/manual
  • Download:   
     BIOS update download
    BIOS version date info name add.1 add.2
    B1.6D 04/07/2024 1.The CRB Code has been updated from to 1.2.0. B;
    2.Support CPU for Ry zen 1xxx to 5xxx;
    MsTxB550M25G16.zip DOWN DOWN
    B1.2D 07/26/2022 1.Patch Kingbank Changxin Granule XMP3200 memory; MsTxB550M25G12.zip DOWN DOWN
    B1.1D 07/12/2022 1.Update Agesa PI 1.2.0. A;
    2.Optimize the memory compatibility of Changxin granules;
    3.Support modifying memory Timing values in XMP mode;
    4.2.5G Legacy Pxe to version 3.02, update Uefi Pxe to version 2.061;
    5.Modify the quick help description of the startup interface;
    6.Optimize USB 3.0 interface speed;
    MsTxB550M25G11.zip DOWN DOWN
    B1.0D 03/09/2022 1.Original Version。 MsTxB550M25G10.rar  DOWN  DOWN

     Drivers download
     Type Description  add.1  add.2
     chipset for Win10/11-64 AMD_Chipset_AM4_5.01.29.2026 DOWN DOWN
     Graphics  for Win10/11-64 AMD_Graphics_22.40.02 DOWN DOWN
    Audio for Win10/11-64 Realtek_ALC897_6.0.9239.1 DOWN DOWN
    Win10 LAN for Win10-64 Realtek_LAN_W10_10.62.824.2022 DOWN DOWN
    Win11 LAN for Win11-64 Realtek_LAN_W11_11.10.720.2022 DOWN DOWN
    AMD RAID for Win10/11-64 AM4_RAID_W10_W11_9.3.0.296 DOWN DOWN

    VER Description add.1 add.2
    V1.0 Maxsun MS-TERMINATOR B550M 2.5G motherboard manual DOWN DOWN
    V1.0 AMD DDR4 Memory support list(Update at any time) DOWN DOWN
    V1.0 AMD_B550 Motherboard CPU support list(Update at any time) DOWN DOWN